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Advice changes frequently and we request that all patients follow the government advice which can be found at – you can also sign up for regular governmental updates.

MESSAGES FROM THE SURGERY (updated 1st September 2020)


When entering Yapton or Middleton Surgery: Due to Covid’s new guidelines, as from today all patients entering the building for phlebotomy, nurse, maternity or doctors request appointments HAVE to wear a mask, scarf or some form of face covering at all times.

This is for the safety of our patients and our NHS staff.

Please also do not forget to wash your hands with Hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the building

Please press the intercom to let us know you have arrived.

We will then ask you to wait in a designated area until you are called for your appointment.

If too many patients are in the building at one time, we will ask you to wait in your car until nearer your appointment time.

Please arrive at the surgeries as close to your appointment time as you can.

When entering into the surgery for your appointment the NEW PROTOCOL will be for the clinician to take your temperature before entering your consultation.

If the clinician is happy for you to come into the surgery and wait, you will be waiting in a designated isolation room.

We are currently only doing blood test appointments and doctor’s request appointments only.

Please check the surgery website for local arrangements –


Many patients have called the surgery with regard to flu vaccinations, due to an advertisement on the television.

To make all our patients aware, we will be holding Flu Clinics, but nothing has yet been put in place.

If you are eligible, you will receive a letter or SMS text message from the surgery nearer the time.

Thank you

Avisford Medical Group


Did you know that the Friends are affiliated to NAPP? A certificate is displayed on our noticeboard in each surgery. On a regular basis NAPP send out a bulletin about national issues this is also available in the surgery on our noticeboard or in PDF form. Currently NAPP have not issued a bulletin in 2020 due to death of Edith Todd you can read the announcement below:

Dear Members,

The board of trustees for N.A.P.P. are very sad to announce that Edith Todd, N.A.P.P. longstanding trustee, administrator and treasurer, died on the evening of Feb 07 following a short illness.

Dr Patricia Wilkie, our Hon President, has written a short tribute which can be read here.


The Friends are part of the NHS initiative to promote closer collaboration between those who need the services and those who provide them, with the focus on the services our community really need.  A representative from each of the local Patient Participation Groups (PPG) in our area sit on the  Regis Community Board (RCB) which, in turn, reports to the Local Community Network (LCN).  [How the NHS love their acronyms!]  The LCN reports through the normal NHS structure.

The system is a like a ladder, with each Group reporting upwards with any problems or issues causing concern and collecting information on the various services available.  The initiative should speed the flow of information in both directions – helping patients to air their concerns and thereby aiding the NHS to focus on providing or transforming services in areas of importance to local people – moving from a reactive to a proactive system thatprevents ill-health rather than simply treating it and promotes physical, mental & social well-being.

Three areas specifically identified in our area are:

  • Prevention;
  • Frail & Ageing Population
  • Urgent Care

The RCB meet once a month and although only in place for a few months, has already proved how valuable it could be with topics discussed so far covering means of communication – including translation and poster services to broadcast services available to patients, and information on other services available to patients.  Of particular interest in our area is the relatively new Carer’s Health Team, with information on how their Carer’s Clinics can help carers.  Other subjects for discussion are in the pipeline, including dementia provisions and hospital discharge processes.

Our representative on the RCB can raise any questions or issues you may have with the health system. We cannot guarantee the outcome but can, and will, air your concerns and let you know of any resulting changes or improvements.  If we are not made aware of problems, we can do nothing to help, so please ‘talk’ to us – via our website or email or drop a note into either surgery and we will do our best.


Did you know that the Care Quality Commission sends out a monthly bulletin to all regional stakeholders?

The bulletin covers:

  • Latest publications that you can use to help drive improvement locally
  • Resources for PPGs to use to have conversations with their practices
  • Information on how to get signed up to receive alerts about new reports for services you’re interested in
  • Details of consultations where your views can help shape how the CQC monitor services

The latest newsletter can be downloaded from or you can subscribe to their email service: 


A clinical commissioning group (CCG) is a  NHS organisation that brings together local GPs and experienced health professionals to take on commissioning responsibilities for local health services.

As commissioners of local health services, a CCG is responsible for planning the right services to meet the needs of local people, buying local health services including community health care and hospital services, and checking that the services are delivering the best possible care and treatment for those who need them.

A CCG has to work within a local budget from the NHS for local health services and work closely with other NHS colleagues and local authorities to ensure local people are receiving the best possible care.

On the 1 April 2020 the NHS will be launching a new public website for each of our NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Sussex.

On this date, the three CCGs in West Sussex are merging into one new West Sussex CCG and our three East Sussex CCGs into one new East Sussex CCG, with Brighton and Hove CCG remaining unchanged.

The website will be overhauled and the way that the CCG communicates and involve the patients and public across Sussex online will change.

Currently you can connect with the CCG website at: