About Us

Management Committee

Chairperson: Miss Gillian Henry
Deputy Chair & Patron: Mrs Juliet Morgan
Treasurer:  Ms Ani Moore
Secretary: Mrs Nicky Mills
Mr John Thompson Mrs Marie Skeef
Mrs Barbara Saunders Mrs Lynn Kendall
Mrs Pat Mares Mrs Anne Evans
Ms Ani Moore Mrs Patricia Robinson (to be ratified at AGM

History and Organisation

In the Summer of 1998 seven patients met with surgery staff to discuss the possibility of setting up a Patient Participation Group similar to those in existence throughout the UK. At that time, the main aim was to raise funds to purchase equipment, which the over stretched resources of the NHS were unable to provide.

To ensure that the work would be carried out in the most professional and business-like manner, the Group sought and obtained affiliation to the National Association for Patient Participation, the national umbrella organisation. An application for charitable status was made to the Charity Commission and was granted in March 1999.

The administration of the Charity is carried out by a management committee, consisting of a minimum of ten members, who meet approximately every six weeks to determine policy, monitor finances and to ensure that the views and concerns of patients are represented fairly.

It should be noted that the charity, its administration and its finances are completely separate from and unrelated to the administration and finances of the Practice and its staff. All equipment purchased by the Charity remains the property of the Charity and does not form part of the assets of the practice.