Fundraising 50:50 Monthly Draw

50:50 Monthly Draw

In December 2019 we launched a 50:50 Club where members can join for £5 per month either by Standing Order or cheque (minimum of 3 months). each month a draw is held with 1 number drawn and the lucky winner will get 50% of that months ticket sale (eg: If we sell 20 tickets that will be takings of £100 and a prize of £50). You can download the forms here, request forms by emailing:

Welcome letter5050

50-50 Rules

50_50 Application Form2020new


At the current time we are discouraging entering the surgery to collect application forms and investigating placing them in the local community.

The monthly draw takes place in the local community and a list of winners can be sent to you if you email us at the Friends.


The lucky winner received a cheque for £102.50p

Join the 50:50 club and you might be next months winner!